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Proven true Pan-European Coverage

Anyplace Media Group has in place partnerships and distribution locations throughout Europe, offering a fast, efficient and sustainable service.

We have a proven track record of honouring and meeting 24-48 hour service level agreements throughout Europe. This is achieved through our dedication to quality control via an approved installer program and supported by our European distribution network.

installation service

Find out more about our Europe-wide network.

Our European installation partner network is made up of local vetted engineers offering a high quality service from people who speak your language. We have a Europe-wide distribution service underpinned by the strategic placement of spares to support maintenance contracts or provide replacement hardware as fast as possible.

We had connectivity issues on the morning of the biggest football match in the club’s history. Anyplace Media visited and solved the issue within two hours!

Jonathon RobinsonPeterborough Sports FC


Do you offer next business day support?

Yes. We can supply replacement hardware and parts to any part of the mainland UK on the next business day. We have stock strategically located throughout Europe and agree response times when we draw up service level agreements with our customers. Our maintenance service also extends to the specialised field of large outdoor LED advertising screens.

Are your engineers local and do they speak in the native tongue?

Yes. We know how important it is to work with installation and maintenance crews who understand the country they’re working in, local customs and so on. We also know you want to be able to speak to them to communicate any concerns or ask any questions. That’s why we have developed a pan-European network of engineers who all speak the language of the country in which they operate.

Can you store our spare hardware and parts?

Yes. We have storage facilities available in the UK and throughout Europe.

What is the warranty on digital screens?

The digital display screens we provide typically come with a warranty of between three and five years.