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Upsell, cross sell and serve more customers

With our retail digital signage you can increase customer spend through interactive upsell opportunities, reducing queue times and harnessing the opportunity to cross-promote other products and services. Our digital display solutions offer all this and more to major retail brands across the world, providing a customer experience that’s immersive and delivers more WOW.

Benefits of digital signage in retail

  • Increase in-store spend by creating upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Reduce queue times so you can serve more customers
  • Create a modern, exciting customer experience
  • Increase dwell time on advertising
  • Increase footfall with eye catching displays
  • Generate new revenue through advertising
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Features of Retail Digital Signage

Interactive touch screen

Daylight readable

LCD screen, Dimensions 32 – 96-inch

Free-standing / Wall-mounted

LED screens

Video walls

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Effective and impactful digital signage

With our digital signage for retail solutions, you can stand out from the crowd, create incredible customer experiences and ensure your messages get noticed with attention-demanding digital screens integrated into point of sale fixtures, along with totems, kiosks and wall-mounted displays. The world’s biggest brands are using this technology right now. Isn’t it time you did too?

Highly effective and impactful in shops, retail parks, shopping centres and more, digital screen displays help you serve more customers and deliver eye-catching advertising content, opening up opportunities for new revenue streams.

Working with Anyplace Media Group was a seamless and smooth process, from setting up the content management system to the screen installation in our window. Andrew was incredibly helpful from start to finish and after installation too. This was initially a trial move into a new way of displaying properties for sale but with the success of this screen I can see it being adopted throughout our other branches.

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What are the benefits of digital signage in retail environments?

Digital signage in retail environments significantly enhances customer engagement and advertising effectiveness. Its ability to deliver dynamic content allows for real-time updates, keeping promotions fresh and relevant. This is particularly useful for launching new products and highlighting special offers.

Additionally, it offers a platform for targeted advertising, tailored to customer demographics and shopping behaviours.

Key benefits include:

-Third-party Advertising Revenue: Opportunity to earn from adverts for brands stocked or external advertisers.

– Enhanced Customer Experience: Visually appealing displays improve the overall shopping atmosphere.

– Cost-Effectiveness: Reduces the need for physical marketing materials.

– Analytics and Feedback: Provides insights into customer engagement for better marketing strategies.

What kinds of digital screens are used in retail?

Retail digital screens serve various purposes across different types of stores, including clothing boutiques, pharmacies, supermarkets, and electronics outlets. They are pivotal in promoting discounts, priority products, advertisements, and celebrity partnerships. These screens also act as high-impact visual tools, attracting attention and driving foot traffic into stores.

Key uses include:

– Point of Purchase Promotion: Highlighting discounts and priority products at critical shopping points.

– Advertisement Displays: Showcasing brand and celebrity collaborations.

– Foot Traffic Drivers: Using dynamic visuals to attract customers into the store.

– Versatility: Utilised across various retail sectors for diverse marketing strategies.

How is a digital display screen different to a TV?

Digital screens are essentially large computer monitors, requiring a dedicated content management system to enable content to be displayed. A TV is a fully functioning system with built-in tuners and sound systems, and requires no additional software to display content.

How will I get content on the screen?

We provide digital screens with a cloud-based content management system (CMS) which allows you to control what is showing. This allows instant changes to content, in the event of urgent announcements, for example, as well as the versatility to show different content at different times on different screens across your estate. This could mean showing certain content in one store and other content in another store, based on local tastes and priorities. Everything can be fully scheduled ahead so you can relax and let the CMS do the work for you. We also offer a content creation service (see below).

What content creation services do you offer?

We specialise in bespoke content creation services for various screen types and content forms, catering to all your retail digital signage needs. Our offerings range from eye-catching static images to more dynamic options like maps, 3D modelling, interactive content, animation, and video. This versatility ensures that the content is not only visually appealing but also engaging and effective in a retail setting. Our experienced creative team is ready to work closely with you, taking your brief and providing expert advice.

With decades of experience, they are adept at ensuring that the content maximises the potential of your digital retail screens, enhancing the overall impact and effectiveness of your digital signage strategy.

What is the warranty on digital screens?

The digital display screens we supply typically come with a warranty ranging from three to five years. This warranty period ensures that your investment in digital signage is protected, offering peace of mind and reliability in their performance over a substantial duration.

How do I get a quote for a digital display installation I’m considering?

To get a quote for a digital display installation in your retail space, you can contact our sales team directly. You can reach them by phone at +44 (0) 1733 308676 or email They will assist you with the details and provide a tailored quote based on your specific requirements.