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A leading edge digital experience for the entertainment industry

Increase sales opportunities and generate advertising revenue by serving up dynamic content on digital display screens of all sizes. Digital displays provide the entertainment industry with almost unlimited options to connect with their customers, such as delivering up-to-date information, wayfinding, promotional offers, queue management, digital menus and advertising.

Benefits of digital displays in entertainment

  • Increases dwell time on advertising
  • Increase in-store spend
  • Reduce queue times
  • Wayfinding
  • Targeted marketing
  • Corporate branding
  • Revenue generator
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Features of Digital Signage

Interactive touch screens

Daylight readable displays 32”- 86”

LCD Displays 32” – 105”

Totems and kiosks

LED screens


We’ll advise and guide you through the full process.

End-to-end support

Solutions include digital menu boards, outdoor advertising screens, totems, kiosks and large format LCD and LED displays.

Increase revenue by communicating with your customers in real time and delivering special offers only available on that day. Concert venues, cinemas, museums and theme parks are already benefiting from this technology. With end-to-end advice and support, Anyplace Media Group can ensure you do too.

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What kinds of digital screens are used in entertainment?

Venues like museums, cinemas and theme parks are increasingly using digital displays such as large format LCD and LED displays and outdoor advertising screens to show video content, such as advertising and promotional campaigns. Totems and kiosks are often used by visitors to collect or order tickets and browse things like film choices and to enable wayfinding through larger venues and parks.

How is a digital display screen different to a TV?

In entertainment settings like museums, cinemas, and theme parks, digital display screens differ from TVs in several key aspects. Digital screens function more like large computer monitors and require a dedicated content management system to display specific content, such as interactive guides in museums, movie schedules in cinemas, or ride information in theme parks. This system allows for more dynamic and customised content, essential in entertainment environments where engaging and updating visitors is crucial.

On the other hand, a TV is a self-contained system with built-in tuners and sound systems, designed primarily for passive viewing. It doesn’t need additional software for content display, making it less flexible for the customised, often interactive content needed in entertainment venues. Therefore, digital screens are more suited for these environments due to their adaptability and capability to enhance visitor experiences with tailored, interactive content.

How will I get content on the screen?

Managing content on digital screens is streamlined through our cloud-based content management system (CMS). This system is ideal for these dynamic environments as it allows for instant updates – crucial for urgent announcements or changing schedules.

The CMS’s flexibility also enables showcasing different content on various screens throughout your venue, which is essential in entertainment settings where diverse attractions or shows may require distinct messaging. For instance, in a museum, you could display interactive exhibit information in one area, while in another, you might showcase event schedules or special announcements. In theme parks or cinemas, this system allows for different promotional content or show times in different areas.

The ability to schedule everything in advance means that the day-to-day management of these screens can be efficient and stress-free, letting the CMS handle the content while you focus on other operational aspects.

Additionally, we offer a content creation service tailored to the needs of entertainment venues, ensuring that your digital displays are both engaging and informative for your visitors.

What content creation services do you offer?

Our offerings are diverse, covering all types of screens and content needs in these dynamic environments. This includes creating vibrant static images that capture attention, informative maps for navigation, immersive 3D models for exhibits or attractions, interactive content to engage visitors, captivating animations, and videos that bring stories and information to life.

Our creative team, with their extensive experience in the entertainment industry, is equipped to handle the unique challenges and opportunities of creating content for such environments. They are ready to take your brief and offer advice, ensuring that the content not only resonates with your audience but also maximises the impact and potential of your digital screens.

Whether it’s for enhancing the ambiance of a cinema lobby, guiding visitors through a museum, or adding excitement to a theme park attraction, our content is designed to elevate the overall experience.

What is the warranty on digital screens?

The digital display screens we provide for entertainment venues like museums, cinemas, and theme parks typically come with a warranty ranging from three to five years. This warranty period is especially beneficial in entertainment settings, ensuring the screens remain reliable and effective for enhancing visitor experiences over a significant duration.

How do I get a quote for a digital display installation I’m considering?

To obtain a quote for a digital display installation for entertainment venues such as museums, cinemas, or theme parks, you can contact our sales team.

Reach out to them on +44 (0) 1733 308676 or email They will assist you in providing a tailored quote based on the specific needs and requirements of your entertainment setting, ensuring the digital signage solution enhances your venue’s visitor experience.