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Deliver dynamic digital menus and promote special offers with vibrant, eye-catching content

Modernise your venue and save money on traditional printing with digital menu screens which increase and influence customer spend through targeted marketing.

Take your menu boards digital today with technology that’s revolutionising the way hospitality venues display menus and promote special offers.

Benefits of digital displays in hospitality

  • Increase dwell time
  • Influence customer spend
  • Change content seamlessly and instantly
  • Plan campaigns with pre-defined start and end dates
  • Save money on traditional paper menu and special offer printing
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Features of Digital Signage

LCD screen, dimensions 32”-105”

Free-standing and wall / ceiling-mounted


3 to 5 years warranty

Daylight readable

Energy efficient screens

How can we help?

Harnessing technology

Having worked with one of the world’s biggest fast food restaurant chains, Anyplace Media Group has the experience and expertise to help you harness this cost-effective technology to increase customer spend and deliver special offers.

Vibrant and eye-catching digital menus have replaced traditional menus at tens of thousands  of hospitality and food retail venues across Europe alone . These cost-effective, low energy displays save money over the longer term, with an expected lifetime of five years. Unlike printed menus, which can be out of date the day after they arrive, devices from Anyplace Media Group can be updated instantly through intelligent content management technology.

Anyplace Media Group installed digital menu boards at a number of our stores without causing disruption. We were impressed by their professionalism and speed of service. They have been a phone call away to address any issues. I would highly recommend Anyplace Media Group to anyone wanting to modernise their stores.

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What kinds of digital screens are used in hospitality?

The hospitality industry has seen a widespread introduction of digital screens over the past decade to improve guest experience, operational efficiency and bottom-line performance. These include hotels using digital check-in and check-out processes, ordering consoles and digital menu boards in fast food environments and large, high impact screens in restaurants.

How is a digital display screen different to a TV?

Digital display screens in the hospitality sector are tailored for specific functions like providing directional signage, promoting services, and interactive guest engagement. They operate like large computer monitors, requiring a content management system to manage and update the displayed information.

For instance, they can show directions to different facilities within a hotel or advertise special events and offers. On the other hand, TVs in hospitality settings function as standard entertainment units. They come with built-in tuners and sound systems, allowing guests to watch various channels without needing additional software.

TVs are commonly used in guest rooms or lounge areas for leisure viewing, whereas digital displays are strategically placed in lobbies, hallways, or conference areas for informational or promotional purposes.

How will I get content on the screen?

To display content on digital screens, a cloud-based content management system (CMS) is provided. This system enables you to remotely control and update the displayed content. It’s particularly useful for making instant changes, such as urgent announcements.

The CMS also offers versatility in showing different content at different times on various screens across multiple locations. For instance, you can tailor content to local tastes and priorities, displaying specific content in one store and different content in another. The system allows for scheduling content in advance, ensuring seamless content rotation without manual intervention.

Additionally, a content creation service is available to assist in developing bespoke content for your screens.

What content creation services do you offer?

Our content creation services include a wide range of bespoke options for all screen types and content needs.

Static Images: Eye-catching graphics tailored to your brand and message.

Maps: Customised mapping for directions or layouts.

3D Modelling: Advanced visuals to enhance the user experience.

Interactivity: Interactive content for engaging user experiences.

Animation and Video: Dynamic and visually appealing animations and videos.

Our creative team, equipped with decades of experience, is ready to take your brief and provide expert advice. They’ll ensure you maximise the potential of your digital screens with content that resonates with your audience

What is the warranty on digital screens?

In the hospitality industry, our digital display screens come with a warranty period typically ranging between three and five years. This warranty is designed to provide peace of mind and reliability in high-traffic environments like hotels, restaurants, and event spaces, ensuring that any technical issues are promptly addressed without significant disruption to your business operations.