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Healthcare Digital Signage

Elevate patient experience and improve team efficiency

Ensure every patient and visitor to your hospital or healthcare setting feels welcome and well informed.  Effective communication is key to happy patients and with our digital signage coupled with an easy-to-use content management system, keeping everyone “in the know”, couldn’t be easier.

From digital notice boards, to wayfinding kiosks and digital menu boards, talk to AnyPlace Media Group today about how our healthcare digital signage solutions can help achieve your goals.

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A more relaxed patient experience

Entertain and inform your patients and visitors with content displayed in your waiting areas. From wait time, to “meet the team” or light entertainment, your content improves their experience. Healthcare digital signage reduces a customers perception of wait time by as much as 35%.

Ease the pressure on your people

Our wayfinding solutions remove the need for visitors to ask busy staff for directions and other essential information, saving time and easing workload.

Seasonal Customer Campaigns

From flu season, vaccinations or “how to collect a prescription”, use digital signage to campaign important messages and encourage behaviours. Your messaging will stand out with eye-catching visuals that can include text, video, news feeds, animations and social updates.

Always on Time Messaging

Changing print campaigns takes too much time and costs too much money.  With our easy-to-use content management, you can deploy your campaigns across many locations and sites with the touch of a button. Being digital, there are no print costs!

Recall Is Higher With Digital

People view and remember seeing healthcare digital signage far more than printed signage, meaning your message is more likely to be seen and have an impact.

Emergency Messaging

In critical healthcare settings, emergency messaging can be deployed in an instant through a content management system to help improve awareness of incidents and improve operational efficiency.

Working with Anyplace Media Group was a seamless and smooth process, from setting up the content management system to the screen installation in our window. Andrew was incredibly helpful from start to finish and after installation too. This was initially a trial move into a new way of displaying properties for sale but with the success of this screen I can see it being adopted throughout our other branches.

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How can Digital Signage be used in Hospitals?

Whether animation and video content or simple static images and text, digital signage in hospitals plays an important role in communicating wait times, wayfinding, patient and visitor information, seasonal health campaigns.

From touch screen digital display screens to digital totems and kiosks, our solutions will make for a more relaxed experience for patients, visitors and staff.


How can Digital Signage be used in Doctors Surgeries?

From promotion of specialist clinics, seasonal health care advice and campaigns around vaccines and ordering prescriptions, digital signage plays an important role for the staff and patients in a doctors surgery.


How can Digital Signage be used in Dentists?

From patient wait times to promotion of key services, digital signage in dentists will help you manage customer experience and generate new revenue.  Showcase before and after case studies of successful patient treatments and encourage essential healthcare with powerful creative and compelling video content.


How can Digital Signage be used in Nursing Homes?

For large or multi-site nursing homes, keeping your messaging to staff and customers can be a real challenge, but with digital signage solutions you can easily deploy messaging across the whole business, including schedules, visitor news and information, your calendar of entertainment for residents and of course welcome visitors.


How is a digital display screen different to a TV?

In healthcare settings like hospitals and clinics, digital display screens are distinctly different from TVs in terms of functionality and purpose. Digital screens in these environments act more like large computer monitors and need a dedicated content management system (CMS) to display healthcare-specific content. This content might include patient information, healthcare tips, waiting times, or directional information. The CMS allows for easy updates and management of this content, which is crucial in the ever-evolving healthcare environment.

How will I get content on the screen?

Managing content on digital screens is made efficient with our cloud-based content management system (CMS). This system is particularly suitable for these environments where timely and accurate information dissemination is crucial. It allows healthcare providers to control what is displayed, enabling instant updates for urgent announcements, patient information, health advisories, or any other critical updates.

The CMS’s flexibility also allows for displaying different content on screens in various areas of a healthcare facility. For example, you could show general health tips in waiting areas, while patient call information is displayed in treatment areas. This versatility ensures that relevant information is conveyed in the right place at the right time. Moreover, all content can be pre-scheduled, allowing healthcare staff to focus on patient care without worrying about manual updates to the screens. This pre-scheduling feature ensures that the digital signage consistently provides valuable and up-to-date information to patients and visitors.

In addition to the CMS, we offer a content creation service, which can be particularly useful in creating customised, engaging, and informative content suitable for a healthcare environment.

What content creation services do you offer?

Our services encompass a broad range of content types suitable for all screen formats used in healthcare facilities. This includes creating clear and eye-catching static images for patient guidelines or health advisories, detailed maps for facility navigation, realistic 3D modelling for medical explanations or presentations, interactive content for patient engagement and education, informative animations, and videos for various healthcare-related communications.

What is the warranty on digital screens?

The digital display screens we provide typically come with a warranty of between three and five years.