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Digital Ad Vans

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Showcase your brand anytime and anywhere with our digital advertising vans. Don’t restrict your campaign to static content or a single location. Stand out to your audience and reach them wherever they are.

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  • Generate tens of thousands of impressions.
  • Relocate anytime to maximise impact.
  • Easily control content with our CMS.
  • High quality eye catching screens.

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        Mobile Screen

        Drive Your Message Home With Our Digital Ad Vans

        Mobile advertising enables you to communicate to your customers, wherever they are, and reach huge audiences at any location, event or occasion.

        Target drivers at rush hour, then head into the city centre at lunch time. The flexibility of our solutions ensures your message is hitting high numbers of potential customers wherever they are.

        Our Digital Ad Van Hire Fleet

        Single-sided compact ad van

        This smaller screen is battery powered, meaning it runs silently, and can be positioned either indoors or outdoors. This ad van is ideal for reaching potential customers where space is limited, in shopping centres, sports stadia and pedestrianised city centres.

        Vehicle details:

        • Model: Piaggio
        • Length: 3,410mm
        • Height (highest point inc screen): 2,075mm
        • Depth: 1,370mm
        • Trailer length: 1,950mm

        Screen dimensions:

        • Length: 1,505mm
        • Height: 1,015mm
        • Depth: 115mm

        Double-sided large ad van

        One of the largest ad vans on the market, this features a double-sided screen which can display different content on each side. It’s the perfect way to get noticed and to catch the eye of passers-by and motorists from a distance.

        Vehicle details:

        • Model: Isuzu
        • Length: 6,120mm
        • Height (highest point inc screen): 3,530mm
        • Depth: 1,915mm
        • Trailer length: 4,360mm

        Screen dimensions:

        • Length 3,505mm
        • Height: 2,000mm
        • Depth: 460mm

        Stand Out With Brighter, Sharper Images & Video

        Our fleet of ad vans features large doubled-sided or more compact single-sided displays, all with brightness rated at 5,000 nit, ten times the intensity of a typical television. Making your brand stand out even on bright summer days.

        mobile biillboard


        What are the technical specifications of the digital screen on the van?

        All our ad vans displays have a brightness of 5,000 nits, which is about ten times a typical television screen.   In term of pixel pitch, our compact ad van has a rating of 4.8 and our double-sided ad van has a rating of 5.95. A smaller pixel pitch means the pixels are closer together, resulting in higher resolution and sharper image quality, making it suitable for applications where viewers are in close proximity to the screen, such as indoor displays or situations requiring detailed graphics.

        What kind of support is provided during the advertising campaign?

        We will provide troubleshooting and assistance during the display period. Whilst en route we are also happy to provide photos of the van in situ as well as provide a route update. If there is any other support you may require, let our team know.

        Can I customise the content displayed on the digital screen?

        Yes. What is shown on our ad vans is entirely up to you, though we can help by creating the content to your brief as an additional service. Our ad vans can display stills, video or animation, with content scheduled and rotated according to your needs.

        Where can I use the mobile ad van?

        Our mobile ad vans are versatile and can be used for many different purposes. Here’s some of the opportunities where you can use our mobile ad van service:

        • Live broadcasts
        • Indoor events
        • Outdoor events
        • Sports events
        • Parades
        • Functions
        • Shows, exhibitions and conferences

        Talk to our team today to discuss where you want to use our mobile ad vans. Email

        What targeting options are available for my mobile ad van campaign?

        If you would like help targeting potential customers, including potential locations for your target demographic, our team are happy to make recommendations and suggest potential routes. If you already have priority locations identified, we will plan routes around them.

        How far do you travel for a campaign?

        Our Mobile Ad Van covers 100 miles of Peterborough, which includes London, Sheffield, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leicester and Leeds. If you are unsure if you are within our catchment area, our team will be able to advise on enquiry. Please contact

        What locations are covered for van deployments?

        Our core area covers the Midlands, East Anglia, Lincolnshire, London and much of the south and south east of England. Please contact us to find out if your desired location is within the locations we cover.

        Is there an option for real-time tracking and analytics?

        Get in touch with our team to find out what tracking and analytics services are available for your campaign.

        What is the cancellation and refund policy?

        If you’d like to read our Mobile Ad Van cancellation policy, please click here.