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Education Digital Signage

Seamlessly Connect with your students, staff and visitors

From way-finding on a university campus, to keeping the menu up-to-date in the school cafeteria and important announcements delivered to everyone on the college site, digital signage is transforming the speed and quality of communication across education.

AnyPlace Media Group provides a range of digital signage solutions designed specifically for schools, colleges and universities.

Talk to our expert team about exactly what you want to achieve and let us advise you on the best digital signage solution.

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Welcome visitors

Make a lasting first impression by putting your visitor’s names up in lights on arrival.  With real-time messaging, you will always have the right name, of the right visitor at the right time on your digital signage screens.


Help students and visitors navigate the college university campus with ease, with our free-standing, interactive digital kiosks.

Fresh menu’s and increased spend on food and drink

Our digital menu boards are perfect for the college canteen, allowing you to keep the menu up to date and promote exciting student offers.  

Celebrate Success

From student success to college sporting and academic wins, share the latest news across the whole site.

Promote extra curricular activity

Struggling for sign-ups to some of your new student offers?  Spread the word and make it easy to register for your upcoming events.

Policy Reminders and Emergency Information

Our digital signage solutions allow you to campaign and communicate important information in real-time.

Scalable and Easy To Use

Our bespoke digital signage solutions are built with education in mind.  Whether you want to start with a small installation at reception or in the canteen or roll out a full campus signage solution, our technology is scalable and our easy to use CMS will ensure from one site to multi-location, you get the right message to the right people.

Why choose AnyPlace Media Group?

We are trusted by the biggest brands and have delivered over 5,000 installations across the UK and Europe. We are proud to partner with leading manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony, Dynascan, Hi-Sense, IIyama, Unilumin, Lightking, Absen and to give you peace of mind, we typically provide a warranty between 3-5 years with a 24 hour SLA.

Working with Anyplace Media Group was a seamless and smooth process, from setting up the content management system to the screen installation in our window. Andrew was incredibly helpful from start to finish and after installation too. This was initially a trial move into a new way of displaying properties for sale but with the success of this screen I can see it being adopted throughout our other branches.

Linley and Simpson Estate Agents


How can digital signage be used in schools?

Digital signage in schools helps to provide a dynamic and interactive way to communicate information to students, staff, and visitors. It can be used to display important announcements and communicate emergency alerts efficiently. Digital menu boards are also a great way of promoting deals and encouraging healthy eating. It’s also a great way to celebrate achievements in the school to help increase moral.

How can digital signage be used in colleges and universities?

Digital signage in colleges and universities helps with navigating around complex campuses with wayfinding tools such as kiosks. They also provide a great promotional outlet for upcoming events such as freshers fairs or guest speakers.

How is a digital display screen different to a TV?

In the context of schools, universities, and educational institutions, the difference between a digital display screen and a TV is quite distinct. Digital screens, akin to large computer monitors, require a dedicated content management system for displaying educational content. This system is crucial for sharing information like timetables, educational content, notices, and event updates specific to an educational setting.

In contrast, a TV, with its built-in tuners and sound systems, is designed for passive content viewing and doesn’t need additional software. Moreover, the brightness levels of these screens are a key factor to consider in educational environments. Standard displays usually have brightness levels ranging from 200 to 500 nits, but for areas with high ambient light or outdoor applications, high-brightness displays, offering 1000 to 3000 nits or more, are more effective. This ensures that the content is easily visible and engaging in various lighting conditions found in educational settings.

Choosing the right type of display, considering the nit level, is crucial for ensuring that your digital signage is effective and stands out in an educational environment.

How will I get content on the screen?

For educational institutions like schools and universities, managing content on digital screens is made efficient and flexible with our cloud-based content management system (CMS). This system is particularly well-suited for the dynamic nature of educational environments. It allows for immediate updates, which is essential for urgent announcements or changes in schedules.

The CMS’s versatility also enables different content to be shown at various times on different screens across the campus. For instance, you might display class schedules on screens in one building, while showcasing club activities or cafeteria menus in another. This adaptability ensures that each screen can serve the specific needs and priorities of different areas within the educational institution.

Additionally, all content can be pre-scheduled, allowing staff to focus on their primary duties while the CMS handles the content display. We also offer content creation services, ensuring that the material displayed is engaging, informative, and tailored to the educational context.

What content creation services do you offer?

Our services are designed to cater to a diverse range of screen types and content needs within the educational setting. This includes creating eye-catching static images for announcements, interactive maps for campus navigation, detailed 3D models for educational purposes, interactive content for engaging learning experiences, animations to explain complex concepts, and videos for various educational and promotional uses.

Our experienced creative team is equipped to handle the unique demands of educational content. They are ready to work with your specific requirements, offering advice and insights gained from decades of experience in content creation for educational environments. Their expertise ensures that the digital screens in your institution are utilised to their fullest potential, whether for enhancing learning, guiding students and staff, or promoting campus events and information.

What is the warranty on digital screens?

The digital display screens we supply for educational settings, such as schools and universities, typically come with a warranty period ranging from three to five years. This warranty ensures that the screens used for educational purposes are protected and reliable over a significant period, providing peace of mind and consistency in the learning environment.

What size screens do I need?

The size of the screens for educational purposes depends on the space available in your educational setting, such as classrooms, hallways, or common areas. To ensure you choose the right size for optimal visibility and impact in these educational environments, it’s advisable to consult with our sales team. They can offer specialised guidance considering the unique requirements of educational spaces.

Please contact us to arrange a consultation at a time that suits you, so we can assist you in selecting the most appropriate screen size for your educational needs.

How do I know what digital signage I need?

When looking for the right digital signage solution, it’s important to look for signage that is easy to use, is compatible with various hardware and has robust content management features. Our team will be able to advise on the best digital signage to suit your requirements on consultation.

How do I get a quote for a digital display installation I’m considering?

To obtain a quote for a digital display installation for educational settings like schools or universities, please reach out to our sales team.

You can contact them by calling +44 (0) 1733 308676 or email They will assist you in providing a tailored quote based on your specific needs for digital signage in an educational environment.