Linley and Simpson

Promoting new homes through estate agent’s sun-facing windows.

The Project

Located on a busy high street and with windows facing directly towards the sun during much of the day, Linley and Simpson needed a screen that was bright enough to run in their windows and stand out against the glare. Their plan was to advertise their new housing solutions so they contacted AMG to ask about screens we thought would be bright enough to be seen during the day in these conditions.

What we provided

We recommended and supplied a Dynascan 55-inch high definition display with a brightness of 3,500 nits (full daylight visibility). The display also has Android operating system built in, which enabled us to supply the Now Signage content management system (CMS) without the need for any additional hardware. The Now Signage CMS allows Linley and Simpson to plan their campaigns in advance and target certain demographics during the specific times of the day they are most likely to be walking past.

“A seamless and smooth process, from getting set up on the platform to uploading our content, to having the screen installed in our window. This was all in addition to Andrew being incredibly helpful from start to finish and available to help with any queries even after the installation. We initially looked at getting the screen as a trial to move into a new way of marketing and displaying our properties for sale but with the success of this screen I can see it being adopted throughout our other branches.”

Linley & Simpson Estate agents