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Experience the future of service delivery with our revolutionary robots.

From meet & greet to customer guiding and delivery, our cutting-edge robots are designed to enhance customer experiences in restaurants, retail, hotels and much more.

With advanced features like voice recognition, precise navigation, and autonomous functionality, these versatile robots seamlessly integrate into any environment. Boost efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction in your business by embracing the power of our service delivery robots.

Benefits of Service Delivery Robots to your business

  • Automates repetitive tasks, reducing service times
  • Prompt and accurate service, leading to higher satisfaction
  • Frees up your staff for meaningful interactions
  • Minimises errors optimises delivery routes and reduce expenses
  • Customizable for various business settings.
  • Promotes hygiene and minimises transmission risks
  • Positions your establishment as forward-thinking
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Features of service delivery robots

Intelligently interacts and responds to customers and staff via touch, voice, and gesture.

Vibrant digital display

AI Driven Voice Interaction with intelligent customer guidance

Works 24/7 with exchangeable battery and auto charging

How can Anyplace Media Group help you?

A futuristic approach

Anyplace Media Group specialises in turning customers’ inflexible traditional advertising methods into vibrant, eye-catching displays.

Service Delivery Robots can help you improve your efficiency, reduce your costs and help to deliver great customer experiences. AnyPlace Media will support you through the sales process to ensure  your digital content is reaching its maximum potential.

Talk to us today about how Service Delivery Robots can work for your business.

I’m so excited that we can now deliver Service Delivery Robots to our customer base. It will help so many businesses in a variety of sectors improve their efficiency in a captivating, futuristic and fun way whilst remaining cost effective.

Andrew Moss

I’m so excited that we can now deliver Service Delivery Robots to our customer base. It will help so many businesses in a variety of sectors improve their efficiency in a captivating, futuristic and fun way whilst remaining cost effective.

Andrew Moss
kettybot robot


What digital signage content creation services do you provide?

We provide a comprehensive range of digital signage content creation services to help you deliver captivating and effective messages. Here are some of the services we offer:

  1. Content Design: Our skilled designers can create visually appealing and attention-grabbing digital signage content that aligns with your brand identity and objectives.
  2. Animation and Motion Graphics: We can bring your digital signage to life by incorporating dynamic animations and motion graphics, ensuring that your content stands out and engages viewers.
  3. Message Customisation: Our team can customise your digital signage content to cater to specific audiences, locations, or events, allowing you to deliver targeted and relevant messages.
  4. Interactive Content: We specialise in creating interactive digital signage content that encourages audience participation and enhances the overall user experience.
  5. Data Integration: We can integrate real-time data feeds, such as weather updates, social media feeds, or live statistics, into your digital signage content to provide dynamic and up-to-date information.
  6. Content Scheduling and Management: Our services include content scheduling and management, ensuring that your digital signage displays the right content at the right time, optimising its impact.
  7. Content Updates and Maintenance: We offer ongoing support for content updates and maintenance, allowing you to keep your digital signage content fresh and relevant.
  8. Content Analytics: Our analytics services enable you to track the performance and effectiveness of your digital signage content, providing valuable insights for future improvements.
  9. Whether you need assistance with content design, interactivity, or data integration, our team is here to help you create compelling and impactful digital signage content. Please reach out to us for further details or to discuss your specific requirements.

What is the benefit of service delivery robots?

Service Robots can provide massive cost efficiencies, help with staff shortages, carry out labour-intensive work and attract new customers with an exciting customer experience. 

These Robots can interact with customers, sing happy birthday or play your favourite music to create the right atmosphere, more importantly, they can work a full 8hr shift without the need for a break and then charge themselves up automatically when necessary, they can carry up to 40kg of dishes and they don’t mind running backwards and forwards to the kitchen all day long, they will even do it with a smile on their face. It means your staff can concentrate on more important jobs and provide excellent front-of-house customer service which makes a wonderful collaboration between Robots and Humans.

How will I get content on the screen?

The PUDU Business Management Platform offers the flexibility to customize the content presented on the advertising display. Once you have added materials and created your desired content, you can generate a playlist indicating for how long, how many times and in what order the ads are to be played, and then publish it to the robot.

What content creation services do you offer?

We offer bespoke content creation services across all screen and content types. This could be eye-catching static images, maps, 3D modelling, interactivity, animation and video.

Our creative team are on hand and ready to take your brief and offer advice based on decades of experience to ensure you make the most of your digital screens.

What is the support and warranty?

We provide a 3-year on-site warranty, with a multi-lingual hotline service and 3-7 year service level agreement (maintenance & repair).