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Explore the immense potential of football advertising boards to elevate your brand’s visibility. Learn about the advantages, associated costs, and effective strategies for implementing impactful football advertising board campaigns to make your next big marketing campaign stand out.

Harness the Power of Football Fan Engagement

Imagine the impact of your marketing campaign in the midst of fervent football fans. In the realm of digital signage, leveraging football matches as a platform for conveying your marketing messages is a strategic move you shouldn’t overlook—especially if football fans align with your target demographic.

Fan engagement is what keeps the fans coming back time and time again, so the better experience, the higher the loyalty.

Amplify Your Reach with Pitch Side Advertising

Pitch side advertising, facilitated by digital signs in prominent stadiums, offers unparalleled reach, potentially connecting with a crowd ranging from 2,000 to 90,000 attendees. The advertisement size should be adjusted according to the pitch dimensions to ensure optimum visibility and make maximise the impact of the digital football billboard.

Elevating Impact through Billboard Advertising

Unlike conventional advertising methods that may lose their effectiveness quickly, billboard football advertising has a distinct advantage. Its dynamic nature and potential for creativity make it significantly more engaging. The integration of a cloud-based management system (CMS) adds flexibility to your messaging, enabling real-time updates and changes without the need for external assistance, ultimately reducing costs.

Unleash Creative Expression with Football Advertising Boards

Large format displays offer football clubs versatility at its finest. From animations to custom video content, the possibilities are endless. The more captivating your design, the more attention it will draw from the enthusiastic football audience.

A Real-world Example: Harrogate Town AFC’s Scoreboard Installation

At Anyplace Media Group, we excel in executing large-scale projects. Our recent collaboration with Harrogate Town AFC exemplifies this expertise. Faced with spatial constraints, we strategically positioned a 4m x 3m Lightking outdoor LED P5 screen, equipped with specialised scoreboard software. This dynamic solution showcases advertisements and information before and during matches, enhancing the overall spectator experience.

Testimonial from Harrogate Town AFC’s Commercial Director, Jo Towler:

We couldn’t be happier with the quality, and we know we have their ongoing support at any time, including match days. I couldn’t recommend Anyplace Media high enough. Their help, advice and expertise has been invaluable.”

Embrace the Potential of Football Advertising Boards

Ready to take the leap into football advertising boards? Engage with our team to discuss how we can propel your brand forward. Consider factors like screen placement, key messages, and audience impact. Football advertising boards can revolutionize your match updates’ communication, making a significant impact on stadium-wide engagement, as well as helping to increase revenue streams through product promotion.

Book a site visit to align our recommendations with your vision. Contact us at for further details. Your brand’s triumphant presence awaits on the football field.