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The Project 

Banana Tree and Amalfi were in search of dynamic digital signage solutions that could be instantly updated, strategically placed outside their respective restaurants to showcase menus, special offers and promotions.

Their aim was to captivate passersby and encourage them to dine at their establishments. One noteworthy campaign by Banana Tree involved the giveaway of 1000 complimentary Katsu curries. Consequently, they required digital displays capable of enduring intense sunlight and various weather conditions.

What We Accomplished

Following thorough consultation, we successfully deployed LG Outdoor IP Rated Hi-Bright Displays at both Amalfi and Banana Tree restaurants. These high brightness displays, boasting 4000 nits of luminosity, ensure visibility regardless of weather conditions or time of day. Furthermore, these screens are waterproof, guaranteeing resilience against diverse weather elements.



These cutting-edge restaurant displays are complemented by a cloud-based content management system, enabling real-time updates for promotional messages. This empowers Banana Tree and Amalfi to effortlessly modify their offers with a simple click.

We eagerly anticipate continued collaboration with The Big Table Group to deliver further digital signage solutions in the future.


About Digital Signage 

Numerous businesses are making the transition to digital signage due to its vibrancy, eye-catching nature, and the ability to swiftly update messaging. There is a wide range of digital signage options available, tailored to specific objectives, available space, and budget constraints.

These options encompass A-boards, Large Format Displays, and Digital Menu Boards. Recently, we have introduced two innovative products—Holographic Displays and Service Delivery Robots—ideal for elevating brand visibility and adding a new dimension to your marketing communications.