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About Mitie Group

Mitie is the leading facilities management company in the UK. They recently secured a new contract to provide cleaning, portering, and patient and staff catering at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford worth £92.5m over 5 years. As part of the contract, they we’re tasked with updating the technology across the hospital, which includes introducing sensors that track footfall to highlight priority areas for sanitisation, robotic cleaners, and new electronic systems for both task scheduling and patient meal ordering, and of course their digital signage.

The Project

John Radcliffe Hospital were looking to refurbish retail restaurant space. They wanted to move away from using printed media to promote their marketing messages and reap the rewards of digital signage instead.

One of their key goals was to reduce their printing costs and the impact this has on the environment, whilst also wanting to incorporate technology that provided flexibility and was able to be updated instantly.

What We Did 

Following discussions with Richard Smith (Head of Catering), we successfully integrated multiple displays, such as digital menu boards and high-brightness screens at the focal point of the restaurant. AMG played a pivotal role in offering their technical acumen, guiding in both screen operation and technological implementation. These state-of-the-art displays are accompanied by a cloud-based content management system, enabling real-time message updates.

Subsequent to this initiative, we’ve since collaborated on various installations alongside the Mitie Group, notably at Watford General Hospital and Hartland’s Hospital. We eagerly anticipate further collaborations on upcoming projects.


About Digital Signage

Many companies are making the switch to digital signage because it’s vibrant, eye-catching and can be updated instantly to promote a variety of different messaging. There are many different types of digital signage options available, dependent on what you want to achieve, the space you have, and your budget. This can include A-boards, Large Format Displays, and Digital Menu Boards. Recently we have launched two new products – Holographic Displays and Service Delivery Robots which are perfect to make your brand stand out and provide a new dimension to your marketing communications.

Get in touch

 If you’d like to review your digital signage options and see what’s available, send an email with your requirements to and we’ll be in touch soon.