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Digital menu boards have become significant assets for restaurants and takeaway businesses.

They have transformed the foodservice industry in several ways, and you’re extremely likely to have used them yourself.

The positive impacts of Digital Menu Boards

There’s a multitude of benefits to these dynamic displays, from enhancing customer engagement to streamlining operations and boosting sales. Our digital screens revolutionalise communications, elevate brand image, and create immersive experiences.


These digital systems can be updated quickly, allowing for real-time changes in prices, specials, sold-out items, and more.

Marketing Opportunities

Digital menu boards are visually appealing and can feature high-resolution images and animated graphics to draw customers’ attention. They can also cross-sell and upsell, promoting complementary menu items to customers.

Improving Customer Experience

With easy-to-use interfaces, customers can navigate digital menus at their own convenience. They can look at ingredients, possible allergens, and tailor their orders more easily. For online ordering at home, the digital system also enables customers to place an order without rushing or waiting in line.

Data Collection

Businesses can collect valuable info about customers’ preferences which can be used to refine their offerings, menu, pricing, and strategic decision-making.

Ultimately, these advantages have led to increased sales and improved customer satisfaction within the foodservice industry, setting a new standard for the customer dining experience and service delivery.

Considerations when choosing your Digital Menu Board solution

Exploring the essentials of selecting the perfect solution requires careful consideration and foresight. Ensure your choice aligns seamlessly with your business goals and customer needs.

Software Compatibility

The displays should be compatible with the software you are using to manage your restaurant. This consistency will allow for seamless integration and a unified environment, making managing and updating the menu more efficient.

Visual Appeal and Clarity

The digital boards should have high-resolution displays so that the text and images can be easily read and seen. Compelling visuals can dramatically enhance the customer’s experience.

Usability and Flexibility

They should be easy to use and flexible to update as your menu evolves, or as you rotate through different menus, seasonal offers, special deals, etc. It should also grant you the flexibility to display other content like promotional videos and live feeds.


Ensure that the menu boards have good connectivity options, whether through Wi-Fi or wired. This will help with quick updates and real-time changes.

Durability and Reliability

Especially relevant for outdoor digital menus, ensure they are durable against different weather conditions, and also that they’re created by a reliable manufacturer that provides good customer service.

Installation and Maintenance

The digital signage installation process should be considered, with preference given to boards that can be easily installed and maintained.


Consider the total cost, including purchasing, installation, maintenance, and future software licensing fees.

Size and Scale

The size of the boards should be suited to the size of the restaurant and the distance from which customers will view it.

Scheduled Display Capabilities

Consider if the digital menu board has the functionality to change displays based on the time of day (like breakfast, lunch, dinner, happy hours) or day of the week.


Ensure your menu complies with local regulations and laws. For instance, in some areas, food establishments might need to display calorie counts or allergen information.

Remember that a digital menu board is a long-term investment, and the correct choice can greatly enhance your customer’s experience while improving your efficiency.

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Our signage solutions are proven to increase sales and enhance customer experience.

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