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Builder Depot stands as a prominent timber and builders’ merchant in the United Kingdom, boasting five strategically located stores in and around London. They embarked on a mission to enhance their existing digital media screens, which had begun to display signs of aging, by adopting state-of-the-art technology.

To mitigate the risk of missing out on brand exposure to a daily audience of over 70,000 road users and pedestrians, Builder Depot approached AnyPlace Media Group to seek an appropriate solution for their digital signage needs.

What we accomplished

Following consultations with their Head of Marketing and a comprehensive review of their specific requirements and limitations, the decision was made to install digital screens with the following specifications to include a 7Mtr x 3mtr P6 LED wall.

Here’s what their Head of Marketing, Jasmine, had to say about working with AnyPlace Media Group “Approaching AnyPlace Media was a no-brainer, and from the start, they impressed us with their reliable communication and support. With a viewing distance of over 300m, the screen needed clarity and vibrancy to showcase our digital messages in a show-stopping way. It also had to conform to our strict size restrictions and installation guidelines.”

Jasmine also added, “Faced with the challenge, AnyPlace Media rolled up their sleeves, and installation, in its entirety, took just a few days, with any issues ironed out within 24 hours. Now our brand-new premium-quality screen sits proudly next to our New Southgate branch, broadcasting Builder Depot to the masses.”

We had a great experience collaborating with Builder Depot on this project and take pride in assisting them in reaching a broader audience with their message. We are actively exploring further projects with them, which we eagerly anticipate sharing with you in the near future. If you happen to pass by the New Southgate Branch on Station Road, we encourage you to take a moment to check out their new signage.


About Large Format Displays

Large format displays are remarkable tools for delivering captivating and attention-grabbing content on finely detailed screens. They are well-suited for an array of settings, including roadside advertising, shopping centres, stadiums, and various other locations. Their waterproof design renders them particularly suitable for outdoor advertising.

 These large format displays empower you to showcase multiple messages in a continuous loop, all easily managed through our cloud-based content management system. This flexibility allows you to update your displayed content with a simple touch of a button, ensuring your messaging remains current and relevant.

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